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Amitriptyline 5 cream, which is generally a pretty bland stuff (though it does contain a nice, potent antioxidant known as asusine, which can slow the effects of aging). If nothing else, however, it was a good reminder that I've neglected to use a little sunscreen when it's still winter. I'll be keeping this handy for future use. I'll be doing a post on how I use this and others, including a few I'll recommend. In January, I wrote a post about how the Internet is not a neutral medium and said that the best tool to be used ensure that the public knows what content is published on the Internet to require removal of offensive or dangerous content from search results. On Dec. 11, a petition asking Google to remove a particular search result was sent through its website. A number of sites (including some conservative media sources) highlighted of the objectionable material and it was widely noted that a large number (perhaps as many 5 million) of online petitions that had been submitted to Google on this matter were now receiving no response. The initial petition had received about 19,000 signatures (it's not clear whether that figure is correct) and its success inspired others: A lot of petition sites are reporting that they having to close due the lack of response from Google. — John Sexton (@jnsenxton) December 11, 2015 We're all having issues getting a response so I guess we can only hope for more. — Matt McCahill (@mattmccahill) December 11, 2015 The petition itself has been posted online with several updates since (some more recent include the addition of Twitter's user count and an announcement that the site has a Twitter bot, but it is still not clear how effective Twitter will be). One of the complaints against Google about search result is that it "harmful to the overall community and culture." One of the responses to petition reads: It is clear that as this petition has garnered more popularity it also spawned trolls and threats of violence also people who are trying to spread bad information. This is simply unacceptable and should be removed immediately. — Richard Moxham (@richardmoxham) December 12, 2015 The petition was started by a person calling himself "Sam Smith" but a cached version of the page shows that it was originally started by the now-defunct "Sam Smith" Twitter account, which has no connection to the Google petition. site "Sam Smith" has also been accused of misleading petition holders about the nature of this particular petition and also used a misleading domain name. A number of conservative activists started writing letters to Google with very similar words to "Sam Smith" and other similarly titled sites asking Google to remove the offending search result in question (the domain name "SamSmith" is registered to a woman named Christine McBride). Some of these letters said that Google should be punished because it was harming the entire Internet community and others said that removing this particular piece of content would be a censorship that violate the Constitution (though not all were so dramatic). Then, on Thursday night the petition took on a life of its own. More than 20,000 people signed the petition by Thursday night (and as late 8 p.m. ET it had over 60,000 signatures). It's unclear if anything actually happened as a result. On Friday morning, Google CEO Sundar Pichai issued the following statement which said: We are working to fix these results (if they violated our search quality guidelines, they will be fixed) and make the web a better place. While the petition itself was getting a lot of attention (thanks in part to the site "Sam Smith"), there were a few things that caught my attention I think should be noted here. The first is that petition (which the only thing online that appears to specifically address Google's response it), had over 35,000 digital signature on it until the evening of Dec. 11, when it crashed due to a bug. That bug has been noted and Google is also sending out emails for those who may have signed on. That's not all that was happening. Also evening, a small number of people also took to Twitter and other social media sites to try show Google that this particular petition was a good one to sign on — that it was an opportunity to educate others on the issue and to encourage Google respond accordingly. It didn't work. As noted there, on the initial petition was received by several people but it never received any responses from Google which seems to be inconsistent with what is normally the case. After all, Internet petitions of concern are usually meant to be "hits" the first time around, and fact that Google sent an email on Dec.

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